Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to Home Organization 365

Posted by Krista at 10:25 AM
Welcome to Home Organization 365! I decided to create this blog to have a place to write about finally getting organized, or at least my attempts at getting there.  I hope that it will be an inspiration and that maybe some of you will join me for this journey. 

There is so much around the house I want to get done, but I always seem to never have the time to get beyond the basics of tidying and laundry. Hopefully this blog will give me some motivation. I know time management is sometimes (okay usually always) an issue with me.  I want to have fun and play and do anything other than cleaning all. the. time.  So my plan is to tackle things one by one. Even 15 minutes a day on something extra will get things done. Some projects I have in mind will take longer than 15 minutes but it'll be okay, I plan to enlist some help from my big, strong, helper husband (I'm sure he'll be thrilled).

I hope to post something every day. Now it may not be an organization project. I know myself well enough to know that isn't going to happen every single day. So some days I will have an organization project to share, I will share some of the files I have made for my home management binder and I think I'll have some days where I share some great web sites that I refer to in my attempts to organize my home and maybe some days will just be a simple cleaning tip or instructions. These are just some of the ideas that I have floating around. It'll be fun to see where this blog goes.

I would love so much if you talk with me. I want this to be a place that isn't just (hopefully) an inspiration but also a place where we can share ideas. If you have suggestions or would like to see something on here let me know! We're all friends and in this together! 

Shake off your feather duster and let's get ready to get organized!


Raiscara Avalon on January 22, 2010 at 10:43 AM said...

Purty new blog! Kind of makes me want one now...oh brother. You can't have the world record for the most blogs, that one is MINE! ;) lmao


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